The Magic Behind Tibrina Butik FAshion


Tibrina Butik is an up and coming affordable fashion online store. The goal is to provide the fashion trends that are in to you at an

affordable cost. 

"I have always been a boutique shopper. No matter if it was a new company or credited company. I wanted what I knew no one had. The thought to start Tibrina Butik started in 2014 but I did not know where to start. In 2017 I had a lot of time to reflect on where I could see myself in 5+ years. I read so many success stories of women who had a similar situation as mine and who started a business from the bottom. One night LITERALLY, I pulled an all nighter and stayed awake for 24 hrs doing research and shout out to a classmate of mine "Princess Neugent" who is the "Owner of Shop Neugent" for providing me with the tools to jump start my career. I am forever grateful. It took me a year to invest in myself but now its happening. This is just the beginning. I plan to expand and one day have many stores and be able to employ many souls."  

-Princess T. Nelson